Test Your Metabolism

Each of the following factors or symptoms reflects potential reductions in your body’s metabolism. Age is a factor but there are also other factors such as health conditions and lifestyles that contribute to the increase or decrease of your metabolism. Naturally, the stronger your metabolism is, the easier it will be to lose weight and the opposite is also true. This Metabolism Test is based on our experience with more than 10,000 members and serves our consultants to have an index of the level of ease or difficulty you might have to lose weight.

The techniques used by a RelaxSlim™ consultant are designed to improve a person’s metabolism so the individual can lose weight without suffering the usual “bounce back” experienced with other traditional diets. Every Relax Slim™ member can observe how their “metabolic energy” progressively improves during the weight loss process until reaching their maximum potential for their age


If your percentage is showing low do not be discouraged, Relax Slim™ CAN help. We are used to seeing members who come to us with low 28 percent points who managed to improve their metabolism while losing as well as improving their percentages up to 85%. In such cases the metabolism improved a somewhat 203% and this allows the individual not just lose weight but something even more important: KEEPING IT OFF

It is estimated that a person loses about 1% of their metabolism by each passing year after age 30.

For example:
a 45 year old would have lost 15% of their initial metabolic strength.


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