Relationship problems make you fat


Some believe that consuming too much food is the only reason why people become overweight or obese. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are several factors that can contribute to weight gain or difficulties losing weight. One of these factors includes stress, and for some, this is in the form of a bad relationship or marital problems.

The reality is, the body is very easily affected by the mind. When we experience a stressful situation, it is mostly felt within the mind, but can still affect the condition of the body. When it comes to stress, the body will respond accordingly by producing a hormone called cortisol. This hormone will not only make the body accumulate fat, but will also cause hunger (especially for refined carbohydrates, like bread, candy, cookies, etc). Typically, the fat produced by stress is accumulated in the abdomen and hips.

As a real life example, a friend of mine had been struggling with his weight for quite some time and spent months trying to lose weight, but ultimately didn’t have any success. Despite eating right, drinking a lot of water, taking vitamins and going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, he found that his clothing only became tighter! Nothing was working and he was quickly becoming very discouraged.

One day, however, he came to my office to talk to me about some relationship problems he was having. After discussing the situation for some time, he came to the conclusion that the relationship didn’t really have much of a future and so decided to end it. Once he did this, I saw his confidence soar – it was clearly the right decision.

About two weeks later, he came back to my office and was noticeably thinner! He had lost about 2-3 inches! He told me that once he had ended the relationship, he felt calm and confortable in his home. According to him, it was the stress of the relationship that did not allow him to lose weight.

So, stress is truly a factor when it comes to weight loss, which is why I dedicated an entire chapter to this topic in my book “The Power of Your Metabolism”. Although I have never seen a more obvious example of this phenomenon than with my friend, I know that it is real problem for many people.

Either way, make it a point to address any stressful situations in your life, whether they have to do with your relationships, work or anything else. The simplicity is this: Anything that reduces stress will improve your metabolism.

Frank Suarez

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