The Power of Your Metabolism



Accumulating all this information has taken me 10 years, during which I worked with more than 10,000 people. I helped them recover their metabolism and lose weight.

This book contains EVERYTHING I learned about the “slow metabolism” and how to better it so as to not be on a “diet forever”.

It is possible to lose weight and not have any foods “off limits”!

You do not have to starve to lose weight.

thepowerofyourmetabolismThe Power of Your Metabolism is a book that was written with people in mind who do not enjoy reading regularly. It is written in a simple to understand language even for the worst reader. It includes the 2×1 Diet (two for one) diet details, the first diet that doesn’t require calorie counting, fat or carb restrictions.

In this book you will find natural techniques that really work to help improve metabolism even for people with hypothyroidism or diabetes. The book focuses solely on WHAT WORKS.

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