The miracle pills for weight loss


While reading the paper one day, I found out that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) had fined various companies due to misleading advertisements for weight loss products. Some of the products targeted includedTrimSpa®, CortiSlim®, Xenadrine EFX® and One-A-Day® (by Bayer). Bayer ended up paying the highest fine (3.2 million).

The FTC came down hard on these particular brands because every one of them had been advertised as a natural supplement that would boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite without any effort on your part. In other words, they were promoted as “miracle” pills that could still help you lose weight without having to eat healthy or exercise.

Although these products did contain natural ingredients that could help the metabolism, reduce appetite and help with weight loss, that wasn’t the problem. Giving the consumer the impression that they could effortlessly lose weight by simply taking these supplements and not changing anything about their lifestyle was where these companies went wrong.

The reality is that there is no such thing as a “miracle pill” and there never will be. Our metabolism is what controls the use and storage of energy in the body. When our body is able to convert the food we eat into energy, everything goes well. However, when part of what we eat turns into energy storage (fat), we gain weight. So, it is not only a problem with diet, but also a problem with the metabolism itself.

Those who suffer from a slow metabolism gain weight easily, even if they eat correctly. Some, out of ignorance or desperation, will go so far as starving themselves, which in the end, only destroys their body by dehydrating it and reducing muscle mass, instead of fat.

We cannot escape from the truth. There are no “miracle pills”, like it or not.

Many years ago I realized that what worked best was (1) having a proper diet (such as the 2×1 Diet), (2) taking natural supplements to help boost the metabolism, (3) having knowledge about how to improve the metabolism and (4) exercising (as soon as one had enough energy to, after the diet has been improved). There are no “miracle pills” that will make weight loss happen without changing other aspects of your lifestyle.

In fact, you can still be successful without supplements. However, those who are obese or have poor health typically have very low energy. In such a case, natural supplements are vital, as they can help increase energy levels enough to get things moving metabolism-wise.

Once I discovered how much these supplements could help, I started to offer supplements through my company, RelaxSlim (, which have been specifically formulated to address a slow metabolism. However, if and when we do run into a consumer that insists on taking a “miracle pill” or considers that one of our supplements might be just that, we actually try NOT to sell to them. What we stand by, instead, is the importance of acquiring the KNOWLEDGE about the metabolism, as covered in my book “The Power of Your Metabolism”.

Many years ago I realized that if a person did not apply the correct diet or change any of his or her bad habits, they simply wouldn’t succeed at improving their lifestyle. It takes a ton of effort to convince someone who is asking for help to actually take the time to LEARN how to improve his or her own diet and habits, but from what I have seen, it’s the best, most lasting way to go about it. As some do not like reading, we have developed a few videos to help explain some of the key points covered in my book. Having a solid understanding of the metabolism will not only help one lose weight, but will avoid the famous “yo-yo” effect that is typical of most diets. Our goal is to help you lose weight, improve your metabolism and be able to remain that way!

The idea and hope that there is always some sort of “miracle pill” seems to be deeply rooted into the minds of society. Because of this, millions upon millions of dollars are wasted on these pills, only to discover that there was nothing really miraculous about them to begin with. The reality is that in order to improve the metabolism, you must have an (1) understanding of it, (2) have the correct diet, (3) take the right natural supplements and (4) exercise (when you have the energy to). But most importantly, you must work towards making all of this a “lifestyle” or habit in order to maintain your health and weight that you very much so deserve.

Frank Suárez,Obesity and Metabolism Specialist

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