Skinny people with high blood pressure hypertension


The human body is designed to SURVIVE. It has been seen time and time again that a body can endure quite a bit of abuse before it starts to manifest symptoms of decreased health.

It isn’t uncommon for an overweight body to experience quite a few health problems, such as high blood pressure. The three primary causes of high blood pressure include excess body fat, constant stress and structural damage to the arteries and capillaries.

When a body is overweight or obese, the excess fat itself becomes a physical obstacle for the body. More specifically, the passages (such as arteries and capillaries) of the body are crowded by fat, making these passages very narrow. This then forces the body to increase blood pressure so as to ensure that oxygen and nutrients are able to reach all parts of the body, especially those affected by stress.

Skinny people with poor nutritional habits will end up with defective cells, merely due to the fact that their diet doesn’t provide the proper materials needed to build them. What they end up with is a form of structural damage. This can also occur with people who experience high levels of stress and have an unhealthy diet. Stress produces a hormone (cortisol) that destroys cells, while a poor diet will weaken capillaries, arteries and cells.

Weak cells will weaken the organs they form, causing other health problems. For example, “thrombosis” (a blood clot formed in the brain) is caused by weak capillaries due to malnutrition. If stress is also a factor, there is then potential for a major health crisis.

If an individual does not have problems with excess weight, this does not exclude them from watching what they eat. A body can only go through so much and continual malnutrition will eventually lead to health problems, such as what some people refer to as “metabolic obesity”. This is a condition where the person will have all of the symptoms associated with obesity (high blood pressure, excess glucose in the blood, high cholesterol, etc) except for the accumulation of fat. It’s almost as if they are overweight/obese on the inside, but thin on the outside. But just like someone who is visibly overweight or obese, his or her health is at risk.

For those that are overweight or obese, shedding excess fat will be one of the primary ways of improving high blood pressure. However, for those that are not overweight and still suffer from high blood pressure, improving one’s diet and reducing any stress will be vital, as it can truly become a matter of life or death.

Frank Suárez– Obesity and Metabolism Specialist

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