Diabetes, a sure way to die drowned in sugar


Diabetes is a condition characterized by excessive urination, persistent thirst, weight loss and chronic fatigue, and it has been calculated that over 90% of diabetics are overweight or obese. Diabetes is also the leading cause of amputations, kidney damage/loss and heart attacks.

Each year, there are more and more diabetics. In 2013, the American Diabetes Association estimated that 8.3% (25.8 million people) of the U.S. population had diabetes, and 35% of U.S. adults (over the age of 20) hadprediabetes, meaning they are future diabetics (source: diabetes.org). At the current rate, 1 in 4 Americans will be affected by diabetes sooner or later. Needless to say, it is an epidemic and it only continues to grow.

There are an unlimited number of theories about the causes of diabetes. Some scientists and medical researchers typically end up blaming genes or hereditary factors, when in reality; they don’t really know what causes it. Nutritionists blame sugar, while naturists attribute its cause to chemicals and preservatives. The truth is, nobody really seems to know what causes diabetes or how to control it without medication, which is very convenient for the pharmaceutical industry that benefits from selling any drug associated with diabetes. In case you didn’t know, diabetics tend to suffer from quite a few conditions, such as high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, depression, loss of sexual potency (men), etc.

Knowing that 90% or more of diabetics are overweight, and that weight loss alone can regulate blood sugar levels and even control diabetes, we could come to the conclusion that diabetes has quite a bit to do with nutrition and the metabolism itself.

Over the last 12+ years, I have had the opportunity to help more than 25,000 people lose weight, about 7,500 of which were diabetics. I noticed that once these people lost weight, miracles would occur. There were some diabetics who no longer needed to use insulin, and others who, due to their improved health, were able to reduce or even completely eliminate their medications (with the help of their doctor). Diabetic men who were once sexually impotent were able to regain potency. Those who had sores or wounds that wouldn’t heal were finally healing.

In ancient times, the diagnosis of diabetes was quite different. In countries like India, possible diabetics were asked to urinate on the ground to see whether or not ants would be attracted to the sugar in their urine. If they were, the person was diabetic.

By definition, diabetes is a condition where the blood sugar (glucose) of the affected person exists in excess within the body. It is this same sugar that destroys the body of a diabetic.

All sugars will ferment if they are in a humid and warm environment (such as the human body). A diabetic is practically a walking moonshine still (an apparatus designed to make homemade whiskey called “moonshine”) due to the amount of excess sugar (glucose) in their bloodstream. The acids and alcohol produced as a result of this excess sugar will little by little destroy the body of a diabetic by depleting oxygen availability to cells and literally drowning the cells in sugar and acids. In the end, it is sugar that kills diabetics.

After having worked with thousands of diabetics, what I have observed is simply an inability of their body to process refined carbohydrates, like bread, pasta, sugar, candy, soda, etc. If and when a diabetic consumes these types of food, they will have serious problems. Very sweet fruits, such as bananas, mangos & raisins, will also be an issue for diabetics, due to the high amount of fructose (also a sugar) they contain.

I have seen many diabetics who experienced incredible improvement in their condition by simply eating mostly natural carbohydrates (vegetables and salads) and meats, drinking more water and avoiding regular and diet soda. Those who followed the 3×1™ Diet covered in my book, “The Power of Your Metabolism” also experienced great improvement, some of which totally eliminated the need for insulin and other medications they once took.

In my book “The Power of Your Metabolism”, I not only cover the 3×1™ Diet, but other factors that can help you control your diabetes and lose weight. If you’d like to learn more, visit www.RelaxSlim.com .

Frank Suárez
Obesity and Metabolism Specialist

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