This Fungus Infection Will Cause Weight Gain


It is common to associate being overweight or obese with overeating. However, this is not always the case, as there are actually many overweight and obese people who eat very little and still cannot lose weight.And, of course, there are also those who can eat whatever they want and never gain weight.

One of the primary reasons why so many overweight and obese people find it hard to lose weight is due to the fact that their bodies are full of the candida albicansfungus. Even when they follow a healthy diet and start exercising, the weight either comes off very slowly or not at all. Needless to say, they eventually become discouraged and stop trying.

The candida albicansfungus produces an array of acidic toxins within the body, which consequently slows the metabolism. Like any other acidic element, these toxins reduce the amount of oxygen within the body. Given that oxygen is what keeps the metabolism working well, when it is reduced, it will be difficult or impossible to lose weight.

Those who are infected with this fungus suffer from various symptoms associated with the toxins produced by it. Some of the more common symptoms include itchy skin, constantly feeling tired, stomach or intestinal gas, headaches or migraines, sinusitis, vaginal discharge, burning or pain during sex, constipation or diarrhea, emotional irritability and even depression.

In order to start repairing the metabolism, it is important that you are aware of the factors that can increase the amount of this fungus within the body. These are:

– Having a diet that is too high in refined carbohydrates (bread, pasta, sugar, candy, soda, etc).

– Taking antibiotics.

– Taking estrogen (as with birth control pills, medication for menopause, etc).

All of these factors will contribute to the growth of candida, eventually leading to an infection that spreads throughout the whole body.

One of the best ways to reduce the candida albicans fungus is by reducing what feeds it, particularly refined carbohydrates and alcohol. A diet such as the 2×1™ Diet, as covered in my book “The Power of Your Metabolism”, is a good way to do this, as it will help you reduce the foods that not only feed this yeast, but make you gain weight.

There are also natural supplements (like COCO-10 Plus™) that are effective in killing this fungus and can thus, help improve one’s metabolism and make it easier to lose weight. COCO-10 Plus™ contains a large amount of lauric acid, a natural substance in coconut oil that acts as a fungicide.

The RELAX SLIM™ supplement can also help reduce candida. This supplement contains various herbs and natural substances that stop the fungus from reproducing.

As an important note, if you do not address your diet, taking these supplements to reduce candida will be a waste of time. Once again, a good diet to follow is either the 2×1™ or 3×1™ Diet, as covered in my book.

Finally, just like the saying “all that glitters is not gold”, not all overweight or obese people are that way because they eat too much. If the body is severely infected with the candida albicans yeast, it is going to be very difficult or impossible to lose weight if one does not first treat the infection with the right diet and necessary supplements.

Frank Suárez,Obesity and Metabolism Specialist

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